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Concrete Sealing

We provide concrete sealing services for all your concrete and brick structures, commercial and domestic.

The uninterrupted use and serviceability of the concrete floor for production, is vital to the profitability of the enterprise. In many industrial environments, the concrete floor is subjected to aggressive (mechanical) or corrosive (chemical) processes or materials, that damage the floor. This damage can costs you large sums in maintenance or replacement, and reduced productivity. It is a far worse expense in the cost of repair-downtime of the floor, with attendant loss of production and worse, loss of customers then to prevent and maintain the surface in the beginning.

So why Seal Concrete?
The problems with normal concrete floors:
  • Normal, or "plain" concrete, no matter how "good" it is, has several deficiencies in its properties as a structural material for industrial floors.
  • It dusts, shrinks, cracks, chips and spalls.
  • Corrodes, stains, gets wet, transmits damp and moisture, harbours bacteria and germs.
  • Requires joints, in effect, "breaking" up a floor into smaller pieces. The joints become another, separate, on-going problem altogether (chipping, dusting, erosion, cleaning, etc).

Our Sealing Services

  • We are able to supply and fix concrete sealing services and waterproofing
    to concrete and brick structures.
  • We have large product knowledge of dust sealing and epoxy coating for
    wall and floor areas.
  • We supply and fix waterproofing membranes to seal areas the need to be water tight.

    We have the equipment & product knowledge for all your
    concrete sealing needs
concrete cutting Sydney

Preparing floor for epoxy coating.

concrete waterproofing Sydney

Applying epoxy coating.

No job is considered too big or too small. Contact us to discuss your requirements, we'll be happy to give you a quote.

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