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Joint Sealing

Cutting In provides Concrete Joint Sealing services for the Sydney area.

Joint sealing is done to prevent the entry of surface water below the concrete slabs, as water infiltration will dramatically shorten the durability of concrete.

With 20 years experience in this area we have vast knowledge in many types of materials and their applications. Our wealth of experience enables us to provide our clients with knowledge of material specifications and requirements regarding different joint designs.

Typical joint sealing application Primed then sealed concrete joint If utilized early enough joint sealing can defer and even eliminate the need for more expensive maintenance

concrete cutting Sydney

An unsealed concrete joint before be sealed.

concrete cutting Sydney

Joint sealing preparation.

core drilling Sydney

Concrete joint primed then sealed and finished product.

concrete cutters Sydney

Joint primed then sealed and finished product.

concrete core drilling Sydney

Joint primed then sealed and finished product.

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