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Cutting In Services

Cutting In is a concrete cutting service provider that provides genuinely innovative, best-value solutions that tailor concrete cutting technologies to our customers specific needs.

No job is considered too big or too small. Contact us to discuss your requirements, we'll be happy to give you a quote.

Core Drilling

Core drilling is used when a job calls for the drilling of circular holes in reinforced concrete, precast concrete, asphalt, brick, cinderblock and other structural materials.

Holes of just about any size and depth can be achieved through this process, as small as 10 mm to 600 mm in diameter and from 10 mm to most required depths.

  • Drilling in pavement, walls, ceilings, roofs or sloping surfaces.
  • Drill depths to your specifications.
  • Most depths can be achieved with extensions.
  • Drilling at most angles.
Core Drilling Core Drilling

Concrete Floor Sawing

Floor sawing is used when reasonably level and flat surfaces have to be cut and includes cutting through reinforced concrete, precast concrete, and other structural materials.

  • Applications include floors, openings for ducts, elevators, stair wells, machine pads, to cut trenches for conduits, and for demolition purposes.
  • Cutting to suspended slabs inside buildings.
  • Our electric saw can cut 0 - 300mm cutting depth with no fumes and is quieter than conventional petrol saws.
  • Our range of 35 to 65 horse power saws, will cut up to 400 mm.
  • Fits through normal door frame width.
Concrete Floor Sawing Concrete Floor Sawing

Soft Cutting

Soff cut concrete cutting is used when expansion cuts are needed within 2 – 8 hours of finishing concrete. This system minimises chipping and random cracking. The job is done the same day. It features a low noise system, which allows the system to be used in residential areas with minimal disruption. This system cuts dry with low dust which does not stain coloured concrete.

The Problem
Of the problems facing concrete contractors, random cracking is among the most costly and aggravating. Random cracking is particularly troubling because it immediately casts doubt on concrete quality, leading to owner dissatisfaction, callbacks and disputes.

Soft Cutting

Soft Cutting

The Solution
Soff-Cut has the only Ultra Early Entry dry-cutting system which controls random cracking through the early timing of the cut. With the Soff-Cut Ultra Early Entry method, control joints are cut within one to two hours during the finishing process and before final set. The control joints are not as deep as the traditional method - as little as 1" - and the chance of random cracks occurring is minimized.

How it Works
As concrete hydrates and begins to set, it develops internal stresses. The objective in controlling random cracking is to relieve these stresses before they seek their own relief in the form of a random crack. The up-cutting rotation of the blade combines with the patented skid plate by applying pressure to the surface to prevent chipping or spalling.

Hand Sawing

Hand Sawing
Our hand sawing machines are used for cutting depths of up to 150mm in walls and floors. Hand saws provide the convenience of cutting floors in areas that are inaccessible for a road saw.

Hand sawing machines are mainly used in demolition or cutting windows or doorway penetrations.

Ring Sawing

Our hand held ring saw machines are used for cutting depths of up to 260mm in walls and floors. Hand held saws provide the convenience of cutting floors in areas that are inaccessible for a road saw.

Ring saws are used to achieve a maximum cutting depth of 260mm. This is extremely useful for cutting block and concrete walls in confined spaces where more than 150 mm in depth.

Ring Sawing

Ring Sawing

Joint Sealing

Cutting In Pty Ltd has a wealth of experience in joint sealing. With 20 years experience in this area we have vast knowledge in many types of materials and their applications. Our wealth of experience enables us to provide our clients with knowledge of material specifications and requirements regarding different joint designs.

Joint Sealing Joint Sealing

Concrete Sealing and Waterproofing

  • We are able to supply and fix concrete sealing services and waterproofing
    to concrete and brick structures.
  • We have large product knowledge of dust sealing and epoxy coating for
    wall and floor areas.
  • We supply and fix waterproofing membranes to seal areas the need to be water tight.
Concrete Sealing and waterproofing Concrete Sealing and waterproofing

Demolition and Concrete Breaking

We offer miscellaneous concrete breaking and removal services.

  • Removal of wall openings.
  • Removal of concrete slab on grade.
    (inside or outside of buildings).

Demolition and Concrete Breaking

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